About Us

David Krainer

David Krainer is the charismatic frontman you expect every band to have. He’s playing unconventional riffs on his guitar and is adding the right touch of a unique colour with his voice. He developed the Passion to write his own songs way back in his early years in school with just an age of thirteen. He has always been into rock music because of his older brothers and was thrilled about the fact, how the music affected his life forever.

Amadeus Lechner

Amadeus Lechner was born to become a musician. His father Johann Lechner is a well-known austro-pop legend in Austria and recognized a likewise existing musical talent in Amadeus very early. He started taking Drum lessions with just an age of 5 years and dedicated his life to live for music. Always surrounded by the creative vibe of his Friends, he grew into his drum set and knows exactly what he’s doing.

Valdis Dominieks

Valdis Dominieks, originally born in Latvia, had the furthest way to reach the band. His own part of Travel To Paradise, if you will. After his decision to study the bass-guitar in Graz, Austria he was just at the right time at the right place and added his very own unique style of playing ever since. His wide-spreaded taste in music creates an interesting sound and just when you least expect it, he is presenting you his hidden ace of spades.